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Web Design


Social Mixtape Website
  • Website for creating/sharing mixtapes, written in PHP
  • Integrated with Spotify, Amazon Music, and other services
  • Still in early beta, working with users to create the best service possible


Remote Helicopter Transportation
  • Parallaxing website, written in HTML5 and jQuery
  • Implementation of designer vision

Serenity Spa

Spa & Massage Center
  • Layout/Design, written in PHP

Real Life Cook

Instructional Cooking Blog
  • Layout/Design, written in PHP
  • Custom CMS creation
  • Content


Hacker News Enchancement Suite

Chrome Plugin for Hacker News
  • Sole developer, written in Javascript
  • Features: collapsable discussion threads, tagging users, and highlighting the original poster's comments
  • Lots of visual/typographical upgrades

Tap Dat Glass

iOS Bartender Simulator
  • Sole developer, written in Objective C
  • Some graphics work by me
  • Unlimited levels with increasing difficulty

Picture Unrelated

iOS Dynamic Photoframe
  • Sole developer, written in Objective C
  • Pulls random images from the web
  • Swipe/fade animations, image history for revisiting images
  • Kitties as far as the eye can see!


Web Crawler/Archiver
  • Sole developer, written in C#
  • Scrapes data from various sites around the web
  • Fully customize what data is stored and what is skipped
  • Sample scrape on OKCupid


Mobile Timber Grading Trailer
  • Head Developer, written in C#
  • Integrates various sensors to test log elasticity