My 1970 Dormobile, Dorothy

It's been a while since I've written anything here, I've been busy with work and school and blah blah blah. You've heard it all before, I''m sure. Anyway, today I wanted to take a quick second and introduce you to my pride and joy, my 1970 VW Type 2 "Dorothy".

I've always wanted a bus, though I was never convinced that I'd get one. I've spent many years looking, but the ones I found for sale were always outside my price range or total pieces of junk. A few months back, though, I happened to stumble across this beauty:

The passenger side slider door.
The front seats.
Shot from the driver seat. I appear to be missing a horn and some panels down low.
The engine compartment
The bench seat in the back, which folds into a bed.
The top popped
Some dude with some pretty sweet chops. Right?

As soon as I saw her I knew I'd end up buying her. The price was so good, I went to the only ATM in this tiny town (in a grocery store) and pulled out as much money as I could at the time (I think it was about $200). I handed it over, with a promise to return the next day with the rest of the price, and the bus became mine. The guy I bought it off was an awesome dude, and he knew a lot about old VWs so the bus is in surprisingly good shape.

I've started to tear her apart so I can redo the paint/electrical/interior. Here's my beauty today, in desperate need of a face lift:

Everything out of the back.
But the front seats are intact, so I can still drive her around.
Under the door panel.
The inner workings of the sliding door.
The M-Code plate, containing all sorts of cryptic information about the Bus.
The official Dormobile plate.
Worlds ugliest curtains. I burned them.
And here's my baby, a few weeks later after I started sanding.
There's still a bit left to do.

It's been a long journey, and there's still a lot more to come, so expect more posts with updates as I get her back into tip top shape! The plan is to have her ready to drive by the summer... but we'll see about that in a few months!