The Last Coat

At the beginning of August, I took a week off work to finish painting my bus. It took all week to get the painting room set up once more, sand the body, mask the inside off from overspray, prime, sand again, paint black, mask the black, paint white, and then sand yet again. But now, finally, the bus is as painted as she'll ever be!

Dorothy, looking fine!
Just waiting for a buff/wax!
I had to sand out a few drips, but that's the way it goes.

One thing that I couldn't quite prevent, due to the way the body is put together, was a few runs down some of the vertical cracks in the body. The white paint dripped down them a lot, but since I started to sand the day after I painted the white, I was able to remove the drips while they were still soft.

One of the worst runs, but it came right off.
A long run down the rear driver side.

So, what's next for the bus? I'm not really sure. I've had a lot of improvements waiting to be done until she was painted, so I can take my pick. The smart money is on replacing all the body rubber and getting windows back in. Or maybe redoing all the electrical? Time will tell...